Insert into bird and roast to a beautiful Father’s Day Feast Perfection. Enjoy Your Day!



Hey readers. How about a Wine Decanter Music Box for Dad. Including one photo in today’s post but head over to my shop on Etsy to see more photos of this very cool decanter and some other gifts ideas. Hope to see ya there! http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com.



Get your game on with these Great Football Accessories. All about The Florida Gators in today’s post. But I have many other teams to choose from. Head over to my shop on Etsy at http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com and go to my Gift set shop section. You can see all of the great team colors available. Take the whole set with you to the next tailgate party and hand them out to all of your friends. Clip them to everything, your gym bag, purse, briefcase or lunchbox. They make nice party favors, host/hostess gifts, even stocking stuffers. Don’t forget coach! IMG_5729IMG_5733IMG_7959And when Christmas rolls around you can hang them all over your sports themed Christmas Tree. Enjoy your Football Season!


Good Morning readers. Happy Hump Day! Still searching for the perfect gift for that perfect guy. Check out my shop on Etsy. There are a lot of ideas waiting for you. Hand crafted, one of a kind items that your man will love. Some Vintage items to choose from as well. What about a wine decanter music box? Plays the song “Oh My PaPa”. Would be a great gift for the new father, or Father to be. Looks nice in his office, on his desk, in his man cave. And when the light hits it, it looks very cool! Including a couple of photos in today’s post. But please head over to my shop to see all of the nice gift ideas that are available, Thank You. Have a Wonderful Day! http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com.IMG_3896IMG_3915

Great Father’s Day Gifts

Your search is over. For your Dad, the Dad to be, or just that great guy.

Check these out!

For the Golfer:IMG_6018IMG_6010and all around sports loverIMG_5861Lots to choose from. Please visit my shop on Etsy at: http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com. And see all of the great gift ideas that are for sale. Unique, handcrafted, and one of a kind. Very Special!


Good Morning Readers! Happy Hump Day! Father’s Day is coming pretty soon. I have some more great gift ideas for you. What about a miniature tool box? Very cool! Is completely made out of cigar box wood. Very carefully cut and nailed together to protect as much of the original cigar box art as possible. Some of the tool boxes have the original hardware attached.He doesn’t have to be a smoker to enjoy these boxes. Looks very nice on a desk. Can hold business cards nicely. Looks nice in his office, den, or even his closet or night stand. Great display for that man cave. Holds his lighters and cigar cutters. Great gift for the guy who loves wood working. Or a handy man. These just make very cool guy gifts all together. I’m including a few photos in today’s post. But please take the time to visit my shop at http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com. I have a few more to choose from. More pictures to check out. And more information on the making of these very cool Tool Boxes. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!IMG_4378IMG_4445IMG_4452IMG_4457


Good Monday Morning Readers!  Just a reminder of Father’s Day. Great gift ideas! Does he like wood working? How about a one of a kind Yo-Yo. These are very cool. He does not need to be a smoker to enjoy the rick look of these hand made toys. Made of Cigar Box Wood and sealed to preserve the original art work of the box. Please come by my shop on Etsy at http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com. Check out all of my Altered Cigar Box Art. They really are beautiful and Unique. Including a couple of photos in today’s post. But there are more Yo-Yo’s to choose from and a lot more pictures to see. Also you can get more information on these cool gifts for Dad. Hope to see ya there. Have a Great Day!IMG_4277IMG_4303IMG_4346