Good Monday Morning Readers. Everyone drinking their dairy? I love the show The Kitchen on the Food Network. It is fun, has great tips and tricks, and wonderful recipes. I love a big tall glass of chocolate milk every now and then. Between meals sometimes. They showed me a “add in” that I had never done before. Make your fav tall glass of chocolate milk and if you like the taste of ginger add in 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon of powered ginger. Talk about YUMMY! I love it! Plus ginger is very good for you. So next time you make your tall,cold glass of chocolate milk give it a flavor boost and spike it with ginger. You will be glad you did.



Hello Readers. I would like to give the Food Network Show “THE KITCHEN” a BIG 2 THUMBS UP !!!!! This is such a fun show. I love it !. The new one is on Saturday’s but you can catch previous shows on other days of the week. There are some of our favorite Food Network Stars Hosting the show. They have Great Recipes, They cook inside the kitchen and also do out side grilling. There are games they play with kitchen gadgets. They have new tricks for old kitchen tools. Some shows have a guest appearance. Maybe another Food Network Host or a Cook Book Author. Or maybe someone who just enjoys cooking. They give you all kinds of ideas, how to use left overs. Maybe make into your lunch box for the next day. Just one idea after another. Great Tips, Great Recipes, Great Fun. And at the end of each show it is 5o’clock Somewhere. And they make a drink recipe. From me: 2 thumbs up !!!!! on a scale of 1-10 they get a 12 !!!!! What a fun show. Love It.