Get your game on with these Great Football Accessories. All about The Florida Gators in today’s post. But I have many other teams to choose from. Head over to my shop on Etsy at and go to my Gift set shop section. You can see all of the great team colors available. Take the whole set with you to the next tailgate party and hand them out to all of your friends. Clip them to everything, your gym bag, purse, briefcase or lunchbox. They make nice party favors, host/hostess gifts, even stocking stuffers. Don’t forget coach! IMG_5729IMG_5733IMG_7959And when Christmas rolls around you can hang them all over your sports themed Christmas Tree. Enjoy your Football Season!



REMINDER: Sunday June 16th FATHER’S DAY. Some gift ideas. Order early!!!!

Music Box-Wine Bottle-Decanter. Only one available. Plays the song: Oh My PA PA.IMG_3892IMG_3914For more information on this great gift and also more photos, please head over to my Etsy shop  at Or maybe a cool Prop Clock would be more his style. Would look great in that Man Cave. Each one is a one of a kind piece. Looks great in his den or office. IMG_2718IMG_3503IMG_2996For more information on these prop clocks and more great photos, please head over to my shop at Get your orders in early. One of my prop clocks have already sold. Please take some time to look around while your there. You will find many more one-of-a-kind gift ideas for that special man in your life. Have a Wonderful Day! Happy Shopping!

It’s Five O’Clock SomeWhere

Hey readers, Happy Friday! At our house on Friday we have pool table night. We make some great drinks and starters and put on some good music. Then we shoot a few games of pool. And for a special treat we each have a cigar. We love our game room. The rest of the house I am kind of a minimalist. I don’t really like to dust. So I keep things pretty simple. But in the game room, Anything Goes! I am a Junk Gypsy. Always reclaiming and using found objects.(And Junk is the New Black!) On our last trip to Kentucy I picked up a really cool clock. Kinda worn and rustic and the people that were selling it didn’t know if it was working. But I bought it anyway. Not knowing at the time what I was going to do with it. Packed it away for a while. I don’t know exactly when the idea popped into my head. Maybe when I was on my morning walk. Or maybe when I was in the shower. I think it had something to do with the song by Alan Jackson. But my Five O’Clock Somewhere Prop Clock was born. I love it. It is hanging among all of our other game room wall items. And when we have guests over, it really gets noticed. I have made several more since then. And have started including cigar logos on them now. Each one is a recycled,upcycled,reclaimed,reused,hand altered piece of really cool wall art. I don’t think we have had a get together here that someone hasn’t noticed it. It really stands out. Great addition to a game room, den, office. Looks great over a bar. or even in the kitchen. Where ever you like to relax, enjoy a drink or two and maybe even your best cigar.It also is the perfect addition to that Man Cave. I am including a few photos of the one on our wall that we have in our game room. I will also post a link to my shop so you can see the others I have available. And check back to my shop every so often. There is always new ones coming in. Enjoy the photos. And remember what Alan Jackson says: It’s only half past twelve, But I don’t care. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”

See you at my shop!