Good Morning Readers! It is April. This month’s facts:

Passover starts at sundown on the fifteenth day of the Jewish lunar month Nissan, which typically falls in March or April. Administrative Professionals Day is the Wednesday of the last full week in April. This  month is Cancer Control Month.  Earth Day is this month. It is also National Florida Tomato Month, National Grilled Cheese Month, National BLT Sandwich Month, National Garlic Month. And National Humor Month.Neighbor Day comes around this month. Today is National P B and J Day. The 5th is Family Game Night. The 8th is Zoo lovers Day. 11th is National Pet Day. The 12th Grilled Cheese Day. The 13th National Peach Cobbler Day. 15th is Patriot’s Day. The 20th Lima Bean Respect Day. The 22 National Jelly Bean Day. 23 is National Picnic Day. 24th National Pigs in a blanket day. The 30th National Raisin Day and National Honesty Day.

April 14th 1912 the Titanic hit the iceberg.

Birthstone: Diamond-Meaning: Innocence, Flower: Sweet Pea- Meaning-Delicate

Just a few April Facts Too Many to list them all. Have a Great Day!


                        GREEN SCENE

The color green belongs to spring, Which splashes it about. On nearly every growing thing, That pops a bud or sprout. Against the white of winter time, Spring’s green is fresh and new. With lettuce, Laurel leaf, and lime, And peas and honeydew. Appearing in new gowns of green, The reawakened trees. Are graceful as they bow and lean, A-dancing in spring’s breeze. Each season with it’s own bouquet brings color new and clean, But surely, spring, this lovely way, Has blessed the world with green.

———Roy Schaefer

All About March

Good Morning Readers, and Happy March. Today’s post is all about March tidbits:This month is National Women’s History Month. YOU ROCK! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON! It is also National Nutrition Month. St. Patrick’s Day occurs on March 17th. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday of the full moon that occurs on or following the Spring Equinox (March 21). March 4th is National Pound Cake Day. It is also the only day of the year that gives you a command: March Forth! The 7th National Cereal Day. The 8th International Women’s Day. Also the 8th is National Peanut Cluster Day.  The 14th National Potato Chip Day. 22nd National Water Day. 25th National Pecan Day.And March is also National Peanut Month.

Birthstone: Aquamarine – Meaning: Courage / Flower: Jonquil – Meaning: Desire

Just a few March Facts. Too many to list. Have a Wonderful Day.


Getting warm here in FLA. Still spring. We have only just begun. In today’s post it’s ALL ABOUT JUNE.

Birthstone: Pearl, Meaning: Health & Longevity / Flower: Rose, Meaning: Happy

Star Signs: Gemini and Cancer

National Rose Month, also Candy and Dairy Month

Juneteenth stands for June 19, which is the oldest African-American observance in the U.S. It is for celebrating freedom from slavery.

Summer starts this month. And don’t forget Father’s Day.

Also this month: Tomorrow is National Rocky Road Day, The third is National egg day, 5th: National Ketchup Day, the 13th is sewing machine day. 15th: National Lobster Day. The 18th is Etsy’s Birthday. also on the 18th  National Cherry Tart Day. The 25th is National Catfish Day. Be sure to give your Catfish a big hug!.

Many more. But this is just a few June Tidbits. Have a wonderful day!


Good Morning readers! And Happy Hump Day! And a Very Good Hump Day it is. Very, Very Good for some . Started around 6am. Taking a quick look out the window to the back yard and looking down, I saw a opossum laying on it’s side in the gravel area up close to the house. As I watched it lay there I also saw that it was jerking around a bit. But couldn’t get a full view of it because of some yard art that was in the way. Concerned and worried for the little guy I called my Husband in a panic. He was on his way to work and told me to call animal control. All the while talking to him I was still watching the opossum thru the window. I explained to him what I was seeing. That it seemed to be sick or starting to die and I’m sure he could hear the concern in my voice. (Last year we had a Fox in the yard that had distemper and had to be put down, I kept thinking about that.) My husband said he really needed to get to work and for me to just call animal control. As I’m talking to him and still watching the opossum I get a better view and notice it has two tails. I really started to panic at this point and started to cry telling my husband that she is in labor and having a hard time with birth. I was scared. The  seconds later, Husband still on the phone, I got a different angle and saw it had two heads. Relief. Started to laugh and telling my husband what I was seeing, Theres two. They are just having sex. Oh My Gosh!. I hear my husband laughing in the background.  And I say ” He bites her, He’s chewing on her. He just laughed and said he really had to go now and get to work. I told him I would give him an update when he got home. Happy and relieved at this point and having to start on my chores, I continued to peek out the window every five minutes or so. This went on for about an hour. (Lucky Girl). Had my camera ready but no luck. Always seemed to have something in the way. But after a while they had parted. The male was grooming himself under our picnic table watching her and let out a big yawn. Thinking to himself what a big stud I am and that yes ladies, I have got what it takes. The female was on top of my rain barrel getting a much needed drink of water. As I watched her get down she was having trouble walking and getting her balance. Her hair was all wet and messy. She started to groom herself a bit but saw that Mr. Stud was watching her every move. So she decided to slowly walk into the back yard toward a log. He was right behind her a couple of feet back. And I watched until they both went behind the log and disappeared from sight. Very Cute!. All is right with the world. Hope to see the babies in the months to come. Spring has Sprung. Love is in the air. And I have to agree with the opossums that morning sex is best. Happy Hump Day!