Single file children. And march 1, 2, 3, 4….IMG_5183IMG_5184This set of babies was one of the first to show themselves this year. They are starting to get big.There are some smaller sets out there. They don’t come around as often.You can see an adult is at the front and the back. They keep close tabs on them.Very cute. This was taken thru our spare bedroom window. I have to be camera ready around here. Lots of wildlife. Fun to watch. Enjoy the photos. Have a wonderful day!



Happy Friday Everyone! Today is all about the baby turkeys. There seems to be 2 sets. One is older than the other. Mommas are always standing by. And both families seem to get along and eat together. It is hard to count. They move around so fast. Last count 14. Enjoy the photos. Have a Great Weekend!