Good Morning Readers. September 11th Anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. Not a day for celebrating but a day of remembering. A day that we should never forget. A day that I remember seemed to go so slow. Almost in slow motion. All day long. What a horrible and sad day. I see commercials every year selling jewelry that marks the anniversary. And also coins that do the same that you can buy. So when I came across the Red, White, and Blue Apple Charm, I knew I wanted to do something special with it. I decided to make a necklace and collage it in clear cast forever. It is for sale in my shop. At this time there is only one available. I will include one photo in today’s post. But there are other photos of it in my jewelry shop section at my shop. There are also other patriotic items in my shop as well. Not to celebrate on this day, but to remember. And to display our colors proudly. And  Give Peace a Chance!